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Alloy Repairs

We also offer an alloy wheel refurbishing / repair service.

This is what is known in the trade as a "Bare-metal refurbishing".*

Basically, your wheels are dipped and stripped back to bare metal, straightened and welded if necessary, any repairs are done using alloy metal (not filler as some refurbishers do), then they are machined down, primer is applied and then they are powder coated and lacquered. Each layer is baked on in an industrial oven.

This refurbishing process does take a couple of days to complete, sometimes our customers cannot do without their cars for this length of time, therefore in some cases we have sets of LOAN WHEELS available that we can lend you free of charge. This means you would be able to keep your car on the road whilst your alloys are being repaired/refurbished. Booking is usually advisable if you require this service.

Some customers prefer to keep to the same original colour of their wheels, but it is also possible to have the colour changed to whatever you like.

We have many sets of wheels which have been refurbished using this method for sale in our Crayford premises. Please feel free to come in and take a look, or call us for more details.

*Please note this is not a mobile service, which in some cases will only last about 12 months or so. At GoodRims we would not put our name and reputation on the line for a service and finish which we would not use on our own cars.

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